Tips on how to cleanse the palate

A common ritual in both wine tasting and fine dining is to cleanse the palate. The theory is that it is easier to appreciate all the complex and varied flavours you are sampling if you clear one taste from your senses before attempting the next.


  1. Begin with the lighter offerings and work your way up to the heavier, headier choices.
  2. Eat white bread or crackers and sip unflavoured water between sips.
  3. Pause between tasting each wine or beer to allow your palate time to “breathe.” Clearing your mouth of one taste allows you to better appreciate the next one.
  4. Wait to have a meal until after the tasting. While wine and beer are wonderful together, any foods you eat with them affect their taste.
  5. Skip mints, gum or candy until after the tasting.



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