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CapeTownMagazine’s 100 Days to Summer promotion


Stand a chance to win case of wine from Bergkelder Vinoteque Wine Bank in today’s   CapeTownMagazine’s 100 Days to Summer  promotion.

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Finally – A computer error message I can understand and execute

Finally – A computer error message I can understand and execute

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Taste SA’s finest in Brandy at Die Bergkelder

What better way to lead in the festive season than with a tasting of South Africa’s finest in brandy, courtesy of luxury portfolio FINE BRANDY. BY DESIGN™? A line-up of exclusive, internationally award-winning brandies will be on offer at Die Bergkelder in Stellenbosch on Thursday, December 1, presented by brandy expert Helmuth Kisting. Brandies will include the potstill voted the Worldwide Best Brandy at this year’s International Wine & Spirit Competition in London – the limited-edition Van Ryn’s Collection Reserve 20 Year Old. Others include Collison’s White Gold, Oude Meester Demant, Van Ryn’s 10 Year Old Vintage, Klipdrift Gold and Oude Meester Reserve 12 Year Old to provide an interesting spectrum of older and younger connoisseur brandies.

To start, refreshing and delicious brandy cocktails featuring Collison’s White Gold and Flight of the Fish Eagle will be served.

All brandies in the line-up are regular medalists on international competitive events. Van Ryn’s is a four-time winner of the International Wine & Spirit Competition’s Worldwide Best Brandy title and also a three-time winner of the International Spirits Challenge Best Brandy trophy.

One lucky guest will take home a selection of these acclaimed brandies.

Die Bergkelder tastings take place the first Thursday of every month and feature a selection of premium wines, brandies and whiskies. Whatever you buy on the evening will be available to you at 10% discount, so think about stocking up on festive gifts too.

Date: Thursday, December 1, 2011
Time: 17:30 for 18:00
Venue: Die Bergkelder, Stellenbosch
Cost: R60 per person, including the brandy cocktails, tasting and light supper.
Booking: Places are limited so booking is essential. Contact Melanie on +27.218098025 to reserve your seat.


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Basic rules on where and how to hold your wine glass

Wine is served in stemware because the temperature at which wine is served can have a profound impact on the tastes and the enjoyment it yields. Wine glasses should always be held by the stem of the glass rather than the bowl since the heat of your hand will quickly warm the liquid.

Warming a wine above its desired serving temperature will yield unwanted and unpleasant characteristics. The alcohol in wine will give a sharpness or ‘bite’ to the taste if the wine is served above 22 C degrees.


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Wine Bank Voucher Winner

Congratulations to Timothy Burdett

He has won a Bergkelder Vinoteque Wine Bank Voucher worth R300.
Enjoy the wine bank voucher, Timothy.

Thanks to everyone who entered and please note that we will run a similar competition in the immediate future.

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The benefits of using a wine decanter

A decanter is most often used for serving wine, though it can be used for other purposes as well. When used for wine, the glass decanter allows the wine’s sediment to settle at the bottom, thereby preventing that sediment from ending up in the drinker’s glass. It also allows the wine to “breathe,” which means oxygen is allowed to briefly affect the flavour of the wine itself. Other materials are available for decanters, but a glass version will be less expensive than other materials and just as attractive or decorative.

Older wines tend to have sediment mixed in with the liquid, which can have an effect on the taste and texture of the wine when a person drinks it. Pouring the wine out of the bottle and into a glass decanter allows that sediment to settle, positively affecting the flavour of the wine and preventing the sediment from settling in the mouth. It is often recommended that older wines be decanted for this very reason, though young wines also benefit from decanting. When the wine is poured into the decanter, it is allowed to mix with oxygen, which can help mature the flavours of the wine very quickly. This enhances the drinking experience and prevents the wine from tasting too bitter or otherwise unpleasant.

Many wine enthusiasts eschew the glass decanter for a more expensive and beautiful crystal decanter, but for wine enthusiasts on a budget, a glass decanter works just as well. Crystal decanters tend to be highly decorative, with cuts and angles that make the decanter a visually appealing piece for display. Many glass decanters, however, are made more simply, with no designs or cuts to obscure the view of the wine itself. Crystal decanters can also be less decorative, and many enthusiasts recommend plainer designs to prevent the view of the wine from being obscured. This allows the wine drinkers to observe the tones and colours of the wine rather than the decorative filigrees of the decanter.

The process of using a glass decanter will vary according to the type of wine being poured into it. The process of separating the wine from the sediment can be tricky, and the easiest way to do this is to allow the wine to stand up vertically in the bottle for several days before pouring it. Younger wines should be decanted for a much longer period of time than older wines, as the flavours can be affected more dramatically as the new wine sits.


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Vinoteque tasting notes

               Nederburg Shiraz 2002 – Magnum


Smoky with hints of white pepper followed by dark berry aromas


Full bodied and rich with blackberry flavours, with a good tannin structure and a spicy finish


Enjoy now and over the next year or two

Food pairing

Enjoy with Mediterranean dishes like Spicy lamb, Souvlaki, Kebabs or a perfectly done rump on the coals

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