How to Ensure Safe Transport of Your Wine Collection

Moving wine is not the most difficult thing in the world, but with just the slightest miscalculation it could go horribly wrong. The two key worries are temperature and breakage. Especially when moving old wine, the more the flavour is affected by extreme temperature changes.

Here are just a few basic transportation tips:

While it’s not always in your control, if at all possible, try to avoid moving your wine collection during the hot  summer months.  If you have to move it during the hot months, make sure to the mover has temperature controlled trucks.

If your collection is not too large, try and transport it yourself ensuring you can maintain the wine at the right temperature and try to prevent the container  from being shaken too much as it could result in loss of flavor.

Pack the wine in double wall cartons with dividers and wrap each bottle individually with bubble wrap. The last thing you want is glass vibrating against glass.  You want to have your wine explode with taste – not from having two bottles hit each other.

Ensure that you have extra cushioning/padding at the bottom of the box to absorb the impact in case the container is dropped.  Use packing/Styrofoam to fill all voids in the container as settling will occur during transit.



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